RECIPE – Grape Caprese Skewers

You gotta try this one. Your taste buds will dance!

Bring something new and exciting to your next event.

2018 Grape Season image

News: The 2019 Grape Season is Well Under Way

Our 2019 crop started off a bit later than last year, but we’re now going full steam and the 2019 crop quality looks great!

We’ll start to see peak volume in September and October with a strong finish coming this fall. The growing season for this crop was similar to 2018 and we expect to see high-quality fruit produced all season.

DJ Forry Pomegranate Arils

News UPDATE: Pomegranate Arils are still in season!

Pomegranate arils are a great way to provide a snack that nourishes your family with every bite!

Why should the California growing season limit your family to the benefits of fresh, ready to eat pomegranates? With Sweet Bursts, you can nourish your family every day of every month of the year!

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News: Our Domestic Pomegranate Crop is Underway!

We’re now in full swing with our domestic pomegranate crop.

First off the tree is our Rubilee. The Rubilee is a proprietary variety pomegranate with outstanding exterior color and super deep ruby red arils with high sugars. The Rubilee is available now and will take us well into August.

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News: What Makes a Better Grape?

On average, K5 Farms produces around 800 cartons of Flame Seedless Grapes per acre. That’s over 30% less than they could produce.

In a time where having to produce more with less…More gross profit, more sales per labor hour, more sales per square foot, more cases per acre is the mantra of the day, it’s refreshing when the principle of doing things the way you believe should be done outweigh the need to produce more. Meet the Kovacevich family of K5 Farms, our most tenured grape grower.

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Forry Focus: The Local Farmer

A family business built on traditional family values: trust, integrity, loyalty, and honesty.

Forty years later, the DJ Forry company is still a family-run business that holds those same values and guiding principles.


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World-class California Fruit

Setting the standard for premium produce

Our Forry’s Finest™ brand is more than just a name attached to the fruit we sell. It defines the standard that we apply to every piece of fruit we offer your family. Great-tasting fruit is our goal, and the way we see it, great-tasting fruit starts and ends with attention to detail.


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Our Innovation and Dedication.

We help supermarket retailers across the country deliver the freshest, best-tasting produce to your table.

Not just any fruit goes into our Forry’s Finest™ pouches. We only work with farming partners that share a passion for the land they cultivate and are dedicated to growing premium-quality, fresh California cherries, grapes, pomegranates, persimmons, and stone fruit.


Three Generations of Commitment

In 1972, Dewey John Forry decided to start a business.

Decades later, the DJ Forry Company is still a family run business.


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Equipping our Retail Partners

Need signage and other material for your displays?

Check out some of our POS signage. It’s yours to download.


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